Full AI lifecycle for MLOps, built around the industry leading Feature Store.

Integrates with any system

Hopsworks Feature Store provides an open ecosystem that connects to the largest number of data storage, data pipelines, and data science platforms. With support to any Python or Spark environment, there is no vendor lock-in. 

ML pipeline


Connect to your data warehouse and data lake, to transform your data into features to train models and make predictions.


Write feature pipelines on the platform of your choice or in Hopsworks platform, even running notebooks as orchestrated jobs on airflow.


Create new features either from existing ones or from external data sources. Ingest or leave the data in place storing only metadata.


Retrieve feature data with single millisecond latency from the Hopsworks Feature Store to build model predictions.

Managed Feature store

Hopsworks Feature Store is available both on AWS and Azure as a  managed platform.
You can register for free, without having to enter payment details.

Enterprise Ready AI

More than a data warehouse

The Hopsworks Feature Store is a dual-database platform that includes a low-latency database, for serving the most recent feature data for an entity (e.g. customer), and a scalable database, for storing and accessing large volumes of historical feature values.

Become AI-driven

Any company should be able to easily develop and operate AI even when running at massive scale. We provide an extensive list of integrations to connect the Hopsworks Feature Store to your organization’s data sources and data platforms.

Scales to petabytes and millions of operations per second

There are virtually no limits on how many features you can store, use, or update. You can start small for free and we will scale with you when you are ready to do it. The Hopsworks Online Feature Store can be scaled to handle millions of concurrent lookups per second.

Stay ahead of the curve

We are leading the definition of a modern feature store architecture and APIs in the feature store community.  We develop solutions for the most challenging feature store use cases together with our customers, making sure you have access to the most advanced technologies available today.

Hopsworks installer
Quick Start

The hopsworks-installer.sh script downloads, configures, and installs Hopsworks. It is typically run interactively, prompting the user about details of what to be installed and where. It can also be run non-interactively (no user prompts) using the ‘-ni’ switch.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/logicalclocks/karamel-chef/2.1/hopsworks-installer.sh
chmod +x hopsworks-installer.sh

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/logicalclocks/karamel-chef/2.1/cloud/hopsworks-cloud-installer.sh
chmod +x hopsworks-cloud-installer.sh

Try now free

Hopsworks Feature Store is available both on AWS and Azure as a managed platform.
You can register for free, without having to enter payment details.