Hopsworks for GCP Marketplace

Build, manage, and accelerate your feature pipelines, training pipelines, and inference pipelines effortlessly with the Hopsworks Serverless Platform without the need for complex infrastructure or budget constraints.

We’re thrilled to introduce our GCP Dedicated SaaS designed to empower your business with exceptional benefits of enterprise features and capabilities.

How to Connect with GCP

You can use your compute environement in Google Cloud and simply subscribe to via the GCP Marketplace. Get the best of bost worlds by using both GCP and Hopsworks for complementing your Operational ML initiatives.
Hopsworks for;

  • Feature Orchestration & Engineering,
  • Model training, & Model Deployment,
  • Machine Learning System Developement,
  • MLOps (versioning, monitoring, governance).

Google Cloud Platform For:

  • Compute management,
  • Experimentation,
  • Storage (Bigquery),
  • Additional MLOps capabilities.

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