Fine-Tuning LLMs
& RAG for GenAI

Create Custom LLM-Powered Products & Services

Personalized, Real-Time LLM on Cloud or On-Premises

Use the best models available from any vendors or open-source providers, on-premises or on the cloud. Fine-tune on your own organization's data and empower your company's LLM models with real-time context about your users and their requests.

Foundation Models to AI-Enabled Apps, Seemlessly

From foundational models to sophisticated AI-powered applications. Whether it's Fine-Tuning, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) or custom Function Calling; Hopsworks enables your organization bespoke personalised and real-time enabled LLMs application.

LLMs Use Cases With Hopsworks

Sensitive Documents Processing

Extract and summarize key information from sensitive documents, within your own secure infrastructure.

Real-time Recommendation Systems

Real-time content, products, or document suggestions based on user interaction and last requests.

Real-time Content Personalization

Content and interactions personalization to match user behavior and preferences on-the-fly, delivered seamlessly at ultra-low latency.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Improve your users and customers experience with AI that contextually understands user behavior and requests.

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Hybrid Cloud/On-Premises LLMs with RAG and Fine-Tuning using Hopsworks
Fine-Tuning and RAG LLMs in One Platform with Hopsworks

The Most Advanced Operational AI Platform

Leverage all your data for serving and inference, from any sources, any use cases on any cloud or on-premise environment; Hopsworks is the most advanced ML Platform to make your models production-ready and operational in weeks.

Scale Anywhere & Stay Cost Efficient

Reduce data deduplication as well as inference and training costs. Produce your LLMs where your data is and use the best technologies to store your data faster, more efficiently.

RAG with Unstructured and Structured Data

A unified approach for RAG that includes a VectorDB for unstructured data and Function Calling to retrieve selected structured data from Hopsworks Feature Store.

Prompt Logging &
Model Monitoring

Create and store your Fine-tuning data with Hopsworks by using the feature store as a prompt store; version and monitor your prompts in the feature store and use them for monitoring or building new datasets.

Regulatory Compliant for Protection & Sovereignty

Establish strict data privacy and compliance when data handling requires adherence to GDPR, HIPAA, EU AI Act or internal best practices. Ensure that your LLMs can be trained and used without compromising on data security.

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Advanced MLOps with Hopsworks

Enhanced MLOps with Hopsworks Feature Store

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