Hopsworks Product Capabilities

Operational Performance and High Availability

With its own open-source technological stack, Hopsworks is the most advanced feature store and ML platform for high performance requirements; leveraging Rondb, HopFS and decades of expertise in complex systems; we provide the highest performance feature store globally.

Unique performance capabilities with Hopsworks:

Low-Latency & High Throughput
Low-Latency & High Throughput

RonDB-based feature store provides low-latency and high-throughput access to stored features, enabling real-time and near-real-time predictions. With sub-millisecond key-value lookup times and support for distributed transactions.

High Availability
High Availability

Built to ensure that critical ML workflows and feature stores remain available in the presence of failures. Hopsworks leverages its distributed architecture and redundancy, from storage to processing, to provide continuous availability and to minimize downtime.

Scalable Storage
Scalable Storage

High-performance storage for large datasets and ML models. With support for distributed file and object storage, HopsFS can easily scale to handle petabyte-scale workloads while delivering high performance and low latency access to data.

RonDB; the fastest Key Value Store in the world

RonDB is an open-source, distributed key-value store built specifically for high-performance, low-latency use cases. 


With sub-millisecond key-value lookup times and support for distributed transactions, RonDB delivers unparalleled performance and scalability for critical applications like online feature stores. RonDB is designed to be highly available and resilient with a RonDB cluster providing support for redundancy and failover.

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HopsFS; the file system made for performance. 


HopsFS is a distributed, high-performance file system designed for big data workloads. Built on HDFS, HopsFS provides support for distributed file systems and object stores, enabling scalable, high-performance storage for large datasets and ML models. 

HopsFS leverages advanced features like erasure coding, data compression, and tiered storage to provide efficient and cost-effective storage for large-scale data processing. With support for POSIX-compliant APIs and Hadoop-compatible interfaces, HopsFS is highly interoperable and easy to integrate with existing workflows and tools.

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