Hopsworks 0.8.0 Released!

January 7, 2019

Introducing Hopsworks 0.8.0

Hopsworks 0.8.0 brings the latest features, improvements and bug fixes. It comes a short while after version 0.7.0 and brings the world’s first open-source feature store, a revamped REST API for managing jobs in Hopsworks and improvements in visualization for python notebooks.

Users can lookup detailed feature store documentation in the Hopsworks github repo.

Release notes – Hopsworks – Version 0.8.0


  • [HOPSWORKS-688] – Remove the private key certificate from the truststore in YARN containers
  • [HOPSWORKS-845] – IllegalStateException in TensorBoardProxyServlet
  • [HOPSWORKS-850] – Experiments dashboard should be created when jobs service is added
  • [HOPSWORKS-851] – Convert .ipynb to .py uses wrong jupyter binary path
  • [HOPSWORKS-857] – Spark executor UI not displaying whe high number of executors
  • [HOPSWORKS-861] – Deep Learning demo shows “Jupyter not installed” on Jupyter page


New Feature


  • [HOPSWORKS-702] – Add python3 support for sparkmagic plotting with pyspark


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