Hopsworks partners with Katonic.ai

June 28, 2023

Hopsworks recently entered a partnership with MLOps platform Katonic. Katonic’s platform is used to develop, deploy, monitor, and manage advanced analytics and ML and AI solutions in a self-service, collaborative, governed, and secure manner.

The main idea behind the collaboration is to combine and leverage the usage of a feature store together with an MLOps platform. Together, these components help organisations accelerate their machine learning workflows and unlock new insights that drive better business outcomes. The combination of feature store together with an MLOps platform allows for efficient feature engineering and management, as well as streamlined deployment and management of ML models. With these tools, organisations can build high-quality ML models faster and at scale, accelerating their journey to becoming an AI-driven enterprise. 

The goal of the partnership is to bridge the gap between feature engineering, model development, and operationalization and to help organisations accelerate their machine-learning workflows. We are thrilled over the partnership and looking forward to a long and successful collaboration!

Learn more about the collaboration here.

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