Hopsworks partners with OpenSearch

July 5, 2023

Hopsworks has partnered with OpenSearch, an open-source, vector database for building flexible, scalable, and future-proof AI applications. With this collaboration, OpenSearch is the vector database that powers Hopsworks feature store’s search capabilities for ML assets. 

OpenSearch’s vector database capabilities can accelerate AI application development by reducing the effort for builders to operationalize, manage, and integrate AI-generated assets. By combining the power of OpenSearch with Hopsworks feature store, organisations can swiftly find and manage features and ML assets, accelerating the productionization of their ML models.

OpenSearch allows users to quickly find and repurpose features, reducing the time spent on manual searching and accelerating the model development process. Without OpenSearch, key tasks such as feature discovery, feature auditing, and feature expiration would be considerably more complex or even impossible. We are thrilled to have OpenSearch as our partner on our journey to becoming the leading collaborative ML platform for batch and real-time data.

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