Hopsworks SaaS Launches on GCP Marketplace

January 12, 2024

Hopsworks, renowned for its advanced machine learning and data science platform, is thrilled to announce the availability of its flagship product on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This move marks a significant milestone, offering GCP users a robust, capability-rich solution for developing and deploying AI and machine learning models at scale.

In an ongoing effort to expand Hopsworks product availability, Hopsworks has become a Google partner and is now available on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Marketplace. As an approved partner, Hopsworks’ product is now listed and available on GCP Marketplace for easy access and increased visibility for all Google Cloud users. 

GCP Marketplace is the platform provided by Google Cloud that allows users to discover, purchase, and deploy third-party software solutions that are optimized to run on Google Cloud infrastructure. It serves as a centralized repository for various applications, services, and virtual machine images that are ready to run on the Google Cloud platform.

By listing Hopsworks on the GCP marketplace, Google users have secure validation that they are using a reliable Feature Store and MLOps platform, as well as ensuring fast processes for sign up and implementation. Our next step in this initiative is to deepen the technological partnership by becoming a Google build partner and launching a VM product to the marketplace. This will make it easier for builders and engineers to integrate Hopsworks platform within their Google architecture and effectively build and deploy machine learning models. 

Key Features and Benefits of Hopsworks on GCP:

  • Feature Store: Hopsworks' unique feature store simplifies machine learning workflows, providing a central repository for managing and sharing features with fine-grained access control
  • Model Lifecycle Management: Seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of your ML models - from registry to deployment - with Hopsworks' integrated tools, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in model development and maintenance.
  • Python Experience: Leverage Python for machine learning with Hopsworks' tailored Python environment and APIs, designed for seamless integration and optimal performance on GCP.
  • Security and Governance: Security and compliance with Hopsworks' comprehensive security model to provide project-based multi-tenancy, fine-grained access control, and full governance capabilities.
"The integration of Hopsworks with Google Cloud Platform marks the beginning of a significant leap forward for enterprises scaling their machine learning operations," said Lex Avstreikh, Head of Strategy at Hopsworks. ”We hope to achieve an even more seamless integration with GCP.” 

About Hopsworks:

Hopsworks is a leading data science and machine learning platform, offering an end-to-end solution for developing, deploying, and monitoring AI/ML models at scale. Recognized for its innovative feature store and comprehensive toolset, Hopsworks empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data. 

For more information on how Hopsworks on GCP can revolutionize your machine learning and AI initiatives, visit Hopsworks and find us on GCP Marketplace

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