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December 5, 2023

Over the last few years, the Hopsworks platform has undergone a series of game changing updates. In case you have missed some parts of our journey, we wanted to create a short summary of our vision for the Hopsworks Machine Learning platform built around our highest performance Feature Store. What capabilities make up its core and how can the platform bring value to your Machine Learning use-cases?

So here follows a short reintroduction to Hopsworks!

  • Hopsworks has evolved to be an operational machine learning platform built around the industry's leading feature store. We now manage data throughout the entire ML lifecycle, from feature engineering, to training, inferencing and deployment.

  • Hopsworks today is a platform that enables data to be either mounted as external tables from existing data stores or ingests from any data sources

  • The platform provides secure, centralized discovery and governance for features and models. As a Data Platform for Machine Learning, with scalable Spark/Flink/SQL support, Hopsworks has pioneered the development of Python-native APIs that bring the value of feature stores.

Hopsworks strives towards enabling data scientists to use Python to create, use, and reuse features, all with the highest possible performance. Making it easier for teams to work together on creating and implementing Machine Learning use-cases.

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