Hopsworks Research Paper

ANIARA Project - Automation of Network Edge Infrastructure and Applications with AI


Wolfgang John, Ali Balador, Jalil Taghia, Andreas Johnsson, Johan Sjöberg, Ian Marsh, Jonas Gustafsson, Federico Tonini, Paolo Monti, Pontus Sköldström, Jim Dowling


Emerging use-cases like smart manufacturing and smart cities pose challenges in terms of latency, which cannot be satisfied by traditional centralized infrastructure. Edge networks, which bring computational capacity closer to the users/clients, are a promising solution for supporting these critical low latency services. Different from traditional centralized networks, the edge is distributed by nature and is usually equipped with limited compute capacity. This creates a complex network to handle, subject to failures of different natures, that requires novel solutions to work in practice. To reduce complexity, edge application technology enablers, advanced infrastructure and application orchestration techniques need to be in place where AI and ML are key players.

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