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Maggy: Scalable Asynchronous Parallel Hyperparameter Search


Moritz Meister, Sina Sheikholeslami, Amir H. Payberah, Vladimir Vlassov, Jim Dowling


Running extensive experiments is essential for building Machine Learning (ML) models. Such experiments usually require iterative execution of many trials with varying run times. In recent years, Apache Spark has become the de-facto standard for parallel data processing in the industry, in which iterative processes are im- plemented within the bulk-synchronous parallel (BSP) execution model. The BSP approach is also being used to parallelize ML trials in Spark. However, the BSP task synchronization barriers prevent asynchronous execution of trials, which leads to a reduced number of trials that can be run on a given computational budget. In this paper, we introduce Maggy, an open-source framework based on Spark, to execute ML trials asynchronously in parallel, with the ability to early stop poorly performing trials. In the experiments, we compare Maggy with the BSP execution of parallel trials in Spark and show that on random hyperparameter search on a con- volutional neural network for the Fashion-MNIST dataset Maggy reduces the required time to execute a fixed number of trials by 33% to 58%, without any loss in the final model accuracy.

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