Real-Time Fraud Detection

With the Hopsworks Feature Store, create a real-time system to monitor transactions, events, and patterns as they occur, in real-time.

Solving Real Challenges

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters, effectively combating threats and maintaining a secure operating environment.

Real-time fraud detection is of paramount importance in today's fast-paced business environment. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, constantly adapting their techniques to exploit vulnerabilities. By detecting fraud in real time, organizations can swiftly identify and prevent fraudulent activities before they inflict substantial damage. Real-time detection enables immediate action, mitigating financial losses, preserving customer trust, and safeguarding the reputation of the business. 

Rule base systems can’t adapt to new fraud patterns

Fraudsters are constantly adapting their techniques to evade existing detection systems. Rule base systems are static and can’t learn new fraud patterns. 

Existing systems provide limited actionability

Batch/Non-real time solutions can flag problematic transactions and events after they have been processed. Mitigation solutions are expensive and incur in financial losses, manual labor and eroded customer trust.

Complex integrations to existing data ecosystem

Fraud systems need to be integrated within the context of the enterprise. Different data sources, monitoring, alerting and analysis tools need to be integrated for the solution to be successful.

Governance and access controls

Data powering fraud detection systems is sensitive in nature. Depending on the context and business use case, standards like PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA apply to the data being used in fraud detection models. Strict governance and access control need to be implemented to safeguard against unauthorized access and misuse of the data.  

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Best in class architecture, technology and infrastructure for your real-time ML systems.

The Hopsworks feature store serves as a centralized repository for data features, empowering data scientists, fraud analysts, and business executives to unlock the full potential of their data. By providing a comprehensive ecosystem for feature engineering, management, and collaboration, Hopsworks accelerates model development and enhances fraud detection capabilities.

Real-Time Feature Engineering & Serving 

In the Hopsworks feature store, data updates occur in real-time, ensuring your models are always using the most recent data.

Unified Data Layer to Experiment, Train & Deploy Models

The platform's unified data layer provides a seamless interface for experimentation, training, and deployment. Eliminating training-serving skew.

Heterogeneous Data Sources

Hopsworks accommodates multiple data sources, giving it the capacity to ingest, process, and store data seamlessly. Guaranteeing a flexible and adaptable data environment.

Feature Monitoring to Detect Pattern Changes

The feature store incorporates robust monitoring capabilities, enabling you to detect changes in patterns over time.

Data Lineage & Access Control

Hopsworks feature store provides comprehensive lineage tracking and granular access control mechanisms.

Open API & Modular platform

The open nature of the Hopsworks API feature store encourages modularity and extensibility, making it compatible with a range of tools and frameworks.

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