Enabling Deep Learning and Advanced Analytics

Hopsworks is leading the delivery of the Informatics Platform and Knowledge Engine Work Package (WP6), which will extend the Hopsworks PaaS to accommodate data warehousing, allow stream processing to capture data from real-time exposome monitoring systems, and enable deep learning and advanced analytics.

The Aim: 

The organisation utilizes large-scale processing on Apache Spark and deep learning on TensorFlow to analyze these scale sensitive datasets to identify novel viruses, perform large cohort studies, and identify genetic mutations causing diseases.

Why Hopsworks? 

Hopsworks is optimized for commodity hardware and runs on any data center. Clusters can be easily expanded by adding capacity, when needed enabling a low cost solution for up to PBs of data. Similarly, Hopsworks supports commodity or enterprise GPUs that can be used for deep learning.


  • 90% Cost Reduction
  • Integrated Data Science Platform
  • Faster Data Processing

HEAP provides an open access, technical research platform to assess the impact of the exposome on human health. It contains high-quality exposome data from five different cohort studies, and will be scalable to any research setting.

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