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Free, Dedicated AI Tutorials to operate reliable AI Systems on your Private Data.

Hopsworks for Industry Learning

Advancing innovation in the industry by working with industry leaders.

Empowering individuals and organizations in the rapidly evolving field of machine learning. By sharing our expertise, we aim to build a thriving community of innovators and contribute to a more vibrant professional ecosystem.

Online & Offline

While online learning platforms provide flexibility and convenience, we believe in the importance of a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond digital material.

Our hybrid learning model seamlessly integrates online resources with in-person sessions, catering to diverse learner preferences for a comprehensive educational experience.

Every Enterprise is Different

We acknowledge the unique requirements and obstacles that each enterprise faces in adopting AI and ML technologies.

That's why we offer customized tutorials tailored to the specific demands of organizations.

By prioritizing industry-specific knowledge and organizational context, our tailored approach helps your team leverage innovative & cost-efficient solutions efficiently, typically within a three-day timeframe.

What we Offer

Enroll now for a customized workshop experience tailored to your needs.
We will help you map out objectives, the scope and depth of the workshop as well as delivery options, ensuring maximum impact for your organization.

Typically, this delivery will be a 1 or 2 day engagement, depending on the specifics of your organization. Let's schedule your workshop today!

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