Live Coding: Real-time Features for Real-time Machine Learning Systems 👨‍💻

February 22, 2024

Get a thorough deep dive on how to actually build and deploy real-time machine learning systems. And yes, we'll build it live!

Join us on March 6th as our VP of Engineering Fabio Buso uses Hopsworks to create sub-second fresh feature pipelines, retrieve low-latency features, for on-demand feature computation and more.

In this live coding session we are going to explore:

  • How to build and deploy feature pipelines on Hopsworks that provide sub-second feature freshness.
  • How to retrieve features from the Hopsworks online feature store with single digit latency.
  • How to leverage feature store change data capture to preemptively make predictions based on new data.

As well as other cutting edge capabilities and data infrastructure that is needed to make a fully operational machine learning system.

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