Making Hopsworks a More Modular Platform with Delta Lake Support 🛒

March 28, 2024

Hopsworks is constantly striving towards building a more modular data and AI platform. One of our latest updates is added support for Delta Lake which offers better integration with Databricks and Microsoft Fabric. In collaboration with Delta Lake, we're doing a webinar exploring this new capability and it's implications for AI systems.

Webinar: Delta Lake for Feature Stores with Hopsworks 🛶

In this webinar, together with Delta Lake, we introduce the challenge of managing historical feature data for ML systems and the role of Delta Lake in low-cost, high-performance storage and querying of feature data. Tune in as we present Delta Lake for Feature Stores - data platforms for storing, managing, and serving feature data.

When: April 4th, 9AM PT // 12PM ET

Where: Online

Attend: Register here to join

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