Fastest Performance

Develop & Deploy models faster, with ironclad data governance and seamless integrations. On-premises, fully managed or on any cloud.

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Personalize your LLMs

Develop & Deploy cost-effective and powerful private AI models tuned to your enterprise's real-time data, data warehouses or sensitive documents.


Built for Quality

Better Predictions

Increased model performance in production. More models, less drifts, better testing.

Real-time AI

Single digit millisecond latency in reading features. Ultra-low latency in writing, and updating.

Sovereign Data

Sovereignty on private clouds & infrastructures. Better governance and metadata management.


Easily integrate with existing teams, tools, frameworks, and systems, across any environment.


Open standards in file formats, processes, and languages across all tools, from orchestration to training.

Easy to Use

Straightforward APIs, minimal setup, no lock-in, and no need for DSL or specialized languages.

A Unified Real-Time AI Lakehouse for your Data

To Develop & Deploy Reliable AI Systems.

Better Code


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Better Performance

Richard Woolston

"Our journey with Hopsworks has been an amazing transformation that's really enabled us to be innovative and reach a point that we wouldn't have been able to reach otherwise.”

Richard Woolston

Data Science Manager - AFCU

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Return on Investment

Achieve an 80% reduction in cost over time starting from the second ML models are deployed in production.

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Generate Value with AI

MLOps with a feature store allows your organisation to put your data into production, faster.

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The Right Platform

Accelerate your machine learning projects and unlock the full potential of your data with our feature store comparison guide.

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The Collaborative Platform

With Hopsworks, remove data silos in your organization.

We increase project efficiency and control through robust abstractions across projects and feature groups. Nurturing collaboration, promoting seamless feature sharing and implementation, and maintaining data traceability.

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Codes and examples to get you started

Jump right in with our latest code and examples.
Machine Learning

Hopsworks File System Example

This Python Hopsworks example shows how to interact with HopsFS from python, using the hdfs module.

Additional ressources:
Hopsworks API

Hopsworks Git API

This Python Hopsworks API example shows how to clone a git repository, checkout new branches to develop a feature, and push it to a remote.

Additional ressources:
On-demand Features
Advanced Tutorial

Keras model and Sklearn Transformation Functions with Hopsworks Model Registry

How to register Sklearn Transformation Functions and Keras model in the Hopsworks Model Registry, how to retrieve them and then use in training and inference pipelines.

Additional ressources:
Advanced Tutorial
On-demand Features

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Predict Bitcoin price using time series features and tweets sentiment analysis.

Additional ressources:
Hopsworks Integration

Weights and Biases with Hopsworks

Build a machine learning model with Weights & Biases.

Additional ressources:
Hopsworks API

Hopsworks OpenSearch API

How to run a Python program (from inside Hopsworks) that acts as an opensearch-py client for the OpenSearch cluster in Hopsworks.

Additional ressources:

Hopsworks Core Capabilities

Increase team productivity and deploy your models faster.


Feature engineering at reasonable scale. Bring your own code with you, use any popular library and framework in Hopsworks.

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Role-based access control, project-based multi-tenancy, custom metadata for governance.

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Feature Engineering at scale, and with the freshest features. Batch or Streaming feature pipelines.

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Bring Your Own Cloud, your infrastructure, on-premise or anywhere else; managed clusters on AWS, Azure, or GCP.

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Use Python, Spark or Flink with the highest performance pipelines for reading and writing features.

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Enterprise Support available 24/7 on your preferred communication channel. SLOs for your feature store.

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Dive in our documentation and start using the Feature Store right away.

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For fast-moving development cycles and product launches, Hopsworks documentation serves as an essential resource for users and stakeholders to access every aspect of the platform quickly and efficiently.

Whether looking for concepts or APIs, Hopsworks brings comprehensive and accessible documentation with code snippets, examples, and tutorials, enabling you to bring your ML projects to production faster.

Security & Compliance

A secure and trustworthy platform that allows you to control your data.

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