Real Time Decision Making 

In-game content that is highly personalized and attractive enough to encourage purchase during gameplay is delivered by Hopsworks to Wildlife to drive incremental revenue streams.

The Aim: 

Wildlife was facing challenges aggregating large volumes of data from multiple sources.

  • Lack of low latency capabilities for real-time models.
  • The time-to-market for new models was too long. Developing new features fast is business critical for maximising revenue in their mobile games.

Why Hopsworks? 

Automation and collaboration

Supports specialization and best practices. Consistent model for building Features & ML pipelines which can be shared across different teams.


Centralized hub for metadata management

Seamless integration with existing ecosystem (Databricks)


  • Real-time and batch data
  • A highly scalable solution which aligns to their growth plans

Wildlife Studios provide fun to millions of people around the world. We are here to transform the mobile gaming experience and engage with a global community.

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