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The Python-Centric Feature Store

The Feature Store is the essential part of AI infrastructure that helps organizations bring modern enterprise data to analytical and operational ML systems. It is the simplest most powerful way to get your models to production. From anywhere, to anywhere.
From months, to minutes.

Hopsworks is Enterprise AI pipeline with the Feature Store. 
Data from anywhere to everywhere.

Hopsworks 3.0

What your teams can do with Hopsworks 3.0

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Bridging the gap; Python-centric for the Modern Data Stack

Using Hopsworks 3.0, data scientists can work, share, and interact with production and prototype environments in a Python-centric manner.

Using transpilation, we bring the power of SQL to our Python SDK and seamlessly transfer data from any warehouse to Python for feature engineering and model training.

In addition to Great Expectations, Hopsworks has support for custom transformation functions written in Python, which can be applied consistently between training and inference.

Game Changing APIs

As a result of the new Feature View APIs, Hopsworks stores the metadata and allows users to see which transformations are applied to which features. This allows users to generate training datasets in any given timeframe. 

Data scientists can also expect a more interactive experience from a state-of-the-art platform when using new, improved writing APIs that streamline ingestion processes. 

Hopsworks 3.0 keeps all of this under the hood, ensuring compatibility with existing feature engineering pipelines.

Realistic Cog, in the style of Hopper
Cog, in the style of Edward Hopper, Dall-E
Realistic Cog, in the style of Hopper
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All environments

Regardless of the ecosystem you choose for your feature store, the location of your data and the way you want to bring it to the world, it simply will work. With Hopsworks, teams will focus on what matters most. 





& Now Serverless
Taking it to a new level, we also bring it to life by allowing an experience without the heavy weight of any infrastructure, making Hopsworks 3.0 also available as a serverless service. 

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Get ahead, and understand the concepts right away with a new, point and click documentation.

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For fast-moving development cycles and product launches, Hopsworks 3.0 documentation serves as an essential resource for users and stakeholders to access every aspect of the platform quickly and efficiently.

Whether looking for concepts or APIs, Hopsworks brings new and comprehensive and easy-to-use documentation with code, examples and direct tutorials links to get all necessary elements to bring your projects to production .