High Availability & Robustness: Show, Don't Tell!

May 1, 2024

High availability is essential for maintaining operational continuity, scalability, and resilience in the face of various challenges, ultimately contributing to the reliability and operability of ML Systems.

At Hopsworks we work hard with ensuring the fault tolerance and cross-region replication in our platform architecture. With the help of drawings and live code, our Software Engineer Antonios visualizes Hopsworks' architecture explaining the components which makes it highly available as well as putting the architecture to the test.

Check out the video to see for yourself.

More on High Availability 📈

🔗 Single Region Highly Available Hopsworks - part 1

How we achieve high availability for ML systems, allowing for uninterrupted operations when network or hardware failures occur.

⚙️ Multi-Region Architecture for Demanding Applications - part 2

Fitting the HA architecture to a Tier 1 classification where all parts of Hopsworks are replicated in different geographical regions.

The Big Dictionary of MLOps and LLMs 📖

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