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Serverless Feature Store

Democratizing ML infrastructure, we create Serverless Hopsworks; a feature store and ML platform with a forever free tier allowing professionals, students and enthusiasts to test drive, experiment with and operationalise ML quickly.

Infrastructure shouldn’t stop you from building ML systems: 

Feature store
Feature store

Users can store and manage features, making them easily accessible for model training and inference. With support for both online and offline feature stores.

Model Registry
Model Registry

Store, version, and track ML models. With support for multiple ML frameworks and fully integrated with the feature store.

Model Deployment
Model Deployment

Ease of deployment; ML models as APIs, with support for both batch and online serving. By leveraging the power of KServe.

Feature Store at a Reasonable Scale

Small teams want to bring ML to production, and with Serverless Hopsworks it now easier than ever; Serverless Hopsworks has a ready-to-go a feature store which provides all the benefits of a full-scale feature store without the need for complex infrastructure or a massive budget.Fully integrated with Python, the feature store can be easily connected to external data sources. Readily available for free, right away. 

MVPS (Minimum Viable Prediction Services) within a Couple of Weeks;

The perfect ML platform for creating and deploying MVPS in just a few weeks. With support for feature engineering, model training, and model deployment, users can easily create and deploy prediction services that meet their specific requirements. Hopsworks Serverless App's model registry also makes it easy to version and track models, enabling users to iterate on their MVPS and improve their performance over time.

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