A Retrospective on Hopsworks' Journey in 2023

December 21, 2023

A Retrospective on Hopsworks' Journey in 2023

As we bid farewell to another year, it is time to pause, reflect, and celebrate the collective achievements and highlights that have defined Hopsworks’ journey. In case you missed something, let us take you back to the most significant milestones and events that have shaped our 2023.

Product Highlights 🛠️

This year featured several significant product releases where we introduced game-changing capabilities for both elevating the user experience and improving the platform’s performance. We are continuously striving towards making Hopsworks a modular platform by allowing more integrations with your favorite tools, frameworks, and components to make the feature store more adaptable to each user’s needs.

Read more about each product release and their most notable updates below.

Hopsworks 3.1 release

  • Time-series splits of Training Data
  • Support for managing thousands of models

Hopsworks 3.3  release

Hopsworks 3.4 release

Hopsworks 3.5 release

  • Feature views helper columns for training and inference
  • Airflow Dags management improvements
  • Databricks support

Company Highlights ✨

Needless to say, the year has been quite eventful! To keep it short, here comes a brief summary of some of our main highlights from the organization's perspective.


In late June it was announced that Hopsworks raised $6.5M in our latest investment round led by Vendep Capital. Proceeds from the round will be used for expanding our global presence and extending our technological lead.

Feature Store Summit 2023:  

As the organizers of the Feature Store Summit we are thrilled to see the interest for the event grow every year. This year’s edition had more than 2500 registrations, and featured many great talks from organizations such as Uber, Gartner, Databricks and many more, proving that the need and interest for feature stores and machine learning systems is growing. 


This year we participated in a lot of events, both internal and external. Besides the Feature Store Summit, we organized and participated in a plethora of webinars, workshops, conferences and meetups. If you missed them, you can rewatch some of our webinars below.

These were our “Top 3” events of the year:


We have been working hard throughout the year to bring you meaningful and helpful content in the form of videos, blogs, tutorials and glossaries. Have a look at our most popular content pieces of 2023!

This was our “Top 3” in terms of content:


We made many friends along the way and initiated meaningful partnerships. A big thank you to AI Sweden, NumFocus, Opensearch , Neo4j and Katonic for working with us!

What Awaits in 2024? 🔮

For next year, we can look forward to new major product releases and updates that will continue to improve the versatility of the platform. Another great initiative that will take a big leap in 2024 is the launch of our Organization SaaS platform, which will make our Machine Learning platform available not just to individuals but to organizations as well. If you are curious about that already and want more information, make sure to join our waitlist.

<join SaaS waitlist>

A big thank you for supporting us on our journey! Happy holidays and see you in the new year!

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